The City of Elversult

Elversult is a rich community on the south side of the Dragonmere at the junction of many trade roads. Although not a port itself, the city keeps its warehouses full of trade goods. It also hosted the most famous Shou Town.

Lady Yanseldara is the, half-elven, ruler of the city of Elversult. She killed the black dragon Cypress, many years ago, but there have been whispers that he has been resurerected by the Cult of the Dragon as a mighty Dracolich, and is fixated on the persuit of his killer…

The Shou District
The Shou are a people originally from the Empire of Shou Lung in the eastern lands of Kara-Tur though many Shou have migrated to the lands of Faerûn. There are many cities in Faerûn which have “Shou Town” districts within their walls.

Lately there have been talks of the Shou becoming nation outright along the Dragon Coast, with talks between Lady Yanseldara and Lady Feng of the Shou being formost in this endevour.

The City of Elversult

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