Daelegoth Orndeir, Dawnmaster


Daelegoth Orndeir born the only son to Morninglord Hatthala Orndeir, Daelegoth quickly embraced the ideologies of Lathander. As such he is a fiery leader and fanatic who personally leads his crusades to canonize the Risen Sun heresy.


Daelegoth rose quickly in the ranks of the church. While investigating the connection between a holy site of Lathander and the legacy of Amaunator, he quickly began to believe that Lathander was Amaunator reborn. This led him to his joining of the Brotherhood.

Upon assuming his mother’s power and position of archbishop of the Dragon Coast after his mother’s death, Daelegoth has begun to canonize the Risen Sun heresy within the church of Lathander. This has led to a brewing conflict between Daelegoth, the Brotherhood and the more traditional members of the church of Lathander.

Daelegoth Orndeir, Dawnmaster

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