Tymora, Lady Luck


Tymora, or more commonly Lady Luck, is the goddess of good fortune. She shines upon those who take risks and blesses those who deal harshly with the followers of Beshaba. Should someone flee from her sisters’ mischievous followers or defile the dead, their fate will be decided with a roll of Tymora’s dice.

Commonly consisting of adventurers and others who rely on a mixture of luck and skill to achieve their goals, the Tymoran clergy encourage folk to pursue their dreams. They are also known to be dutybound to aid the daring by providing healing and even some minor magic items.

Shrines and temples of Tymora are widespread as the needs of adventurers to be healed make the temples wealthy. The temples provided potions, scrolls or other little things like glowstones, often as rewards to those who served Tymora and her tenets well.

Tymora, Lady Luck

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