Thanatos, Lord of Bones


Thanatos, also known as the Lord of Bones, is one of the Dead Three and a minor deity of the dead, as opposed to the god of death which is Kelemvor.

Thanatos’ influence in Faerûn is imposed through fear, and he is a master of making mortals terrified of him through his words and deeds. His cowled skull head is known in nightmares all over Faerûn, and he is the one deity that almost all human mortals can picture clearly. Thanatos takes care that all mortals think of him often – he is even known to materialize beside open graves, scythe in hand, just to gaze around at gathering mourners for a few silent seconds before fading away, in order to remind everyone that he is waiting for them all.

The clergy of Thanatos are charged to make folk fear and respect death and the power of the almighty Lord of Bones so that no one stands against the church or tries to thwart its activities. Thanatos’ priests are expected to teach the stories of past and future Doombringers – mortals who roam the land avenging dead friends, masters, and blood kin to whom they have sworn oaths.

Thanatos, Lord of Bones

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