Mindulgulph Mercenary Company


Based in Pripurl, the Mindugulphs are perhaps the most unique hireswords in the Realms; they are a band of seasoned warriors of all races, including some not normally thought of as intelligent.

The leader of this band of misfits is the extremely charismatic Gayrlana, Lady Bloodsword, who in addition to her beauty is a tactical genius, exploting the varied natural talents of her troops to the full.

The Mindulgulph Mercenary Company is a mercenary company that operates where ever it is needed but is based in Mindulgulph Castle on the southern Dragon Coast. It is known for its many monstrous and otherwise non-humanoid members.

At present, the majority of the company is on an extended contract hundreds of miles from home for the gold dwarves of the Great Rift, investigating the possibility of war with the dwarves’ Underdark neighbours, though they also still have a retainer agreement with Zo of Priapurl to act as the town’s police force.

Mindulgulph Mercenary Company

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