Gayrlana, Lady Bloodsword


Lady Gayrlana in addition to her beauty is a tactical genius, exploting the varied natural talents of her troops to the full. She has dusky skin and white hair, and rumors persist that she is part drow.


Gayrlana and her adventuring band raided Mindulgulph Castle in their youth and discovered intelligent monsters inside; rather than wiping them out, they recruited most of the creatures and started a mercenary corps, which is known today as the Mindulgulph Mercenary Company. Gayrlana is famous for slaying Thongh Mirr, a Red Wizard of Thay, in the streets of Teziirr in single combat. She explained this feat with the words: "the blade is faster than the Art" and those words have become a popular saying in the Realms today.

Gayrlana, Lady Bloodsword

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